Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fixed Interest Rate Mortgages - Getting The Best Fixed Rate Loan

If you are purchasing your home and program on staying rooted for a very long clip period of time, state forever, and you are financially stable and standing on firm solid land with a flexible budget, then you might desire to research the option of a fixed-rate loan. A fixed rate loan is best for folks who be after on staying in their home at least 15 or 30 old age and have many advantages over other loan options.

A fixed-rate loan is just as it sounds, the interest rate that you accept is fixed, meaning it will not fluctuate with the caprices and visualizes of the unfastened market. Forevermore, your rate is put in rock and your payments are laid out in an easy to understand manner that leaves of absence no room for surprises. The most common fixed-rate loans are the 15 and the 30-year loan. The 30 twelvemonth loan is the pick for most, offering lower monthly payments than the 15-year, but the 15-year loan can offer lower rates and interest, as well as quicker home equity. Although the 15-year loan is an option, it come ups with higher payments for paying your loan off twice as fast as with a 30-year. In the end, it depends on your budget for payments and how long you believe you will remain before desiring a move.

Advantages of a Fixed Rate Mortgage
The advantages of deciding on a fixed-rate loan over other options are fixed monthly payments over the full life of the loan and non-changing interest rates, which offers protection from rate additions and the ability to take to refinance if the rates decrease. All in all, the advantages are quite straightforward and allow room for cheaper rates without the hazard of climbing interest rates. If you are buying when rates are low, this is definitely the best option for locking in your rate.

Disadvantages of a Fixed Rate Mortgage
The disadvantages of a fixed-rate loan are minimal, but include the possibility of locking in a high interest rate, accepting non-changing high monthly payments, and the committedness to a certain interest rate, even if the interest rates on the market better and decline.


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