Friday, May 18, 2007

Design Your Website for Affiliate Marketing Success

One of the most efficient forms of today's internet marketing is the affiliate marketing, and this is done with the help of affiliate programs. This is mainly because many people know that money can be earned online, but they don't know exactly how to do that. For many, affiliate marketing may be the answer, as it requires less effort, having an own product to sell isn't mandatory, and it can bring reasonable profits.

Definition: Affiliate marketing is the action of referring your visitors to a merchant's website, and getting a commission out of that merchant's sales if the buyer was a person you referred. Although it can be done even without having a website of your own, it is better if you design one. Choosing an appropriate field for you, doing some quality research and finding good affiliate programs are all very important processes, which have to be dealt with a lot of involvement and perseverance.

And first thing's first. Before you actually build your website, you have to think about how it is going to look, what it's going to be about. Just sit down and start a brainstorming process. It is recommended you organize everything well, and write everything down. Find a subject you feel confident about, and start taking notes about the competition, affiliate programs, everything. You have to think of it as a serious project, and every good project needs a good sketch.

Now, once you've made your sketch, start designing your website accordingly. Buy a domain, preferably a .com one, because these are the ones that people trust the most. Now, if you are not a programmer, then you should hire one for designing your website according to your specifications. Even though it's going to cost you some money, if you do it right, that amount should come back as profits multiplied many times.

Your website should look professional, the hallmark of a person who knows what he's talking about. You should respect your visitors with quality content, if you want this internet marketing strategy to be successful. And although this affiliate marketing tutorial tells you what to do, it ultimately depends on you if it is going to work or not.

Now, once you've designed the site, it's time to get some traffic in. There are many online marketing tactics to do that, and you could also consider hiring a Search Engine Optimizer to get you high ratings on Google searches for your site. If you can't afford one, don't lose hope, because there are many SEO tutorials available on the web. You can catch on a few of these important SEO techniques and try to do it yourself. Apply all this information to your sketch and continue working on your project.

Now that you've managed to get a decent amount of traffic to your site, it's time to introduce you to the new term, which is conversion rate. The conversion rate shows you how many of your visitors actually click on the links of your affiliate partners and buy something from them. Taking into consideration that you don't have a product of your own, your approach in increasing your conversion rate should be pre-selling. What do I mean by pre-selling? Let's put it this way. The content of your site is the one which actually forwards your visitors to your affiliate partners links. I mean, if you have a very high quality content site, your visitors will unknowingly be much more open-minded about visiting the links you display. Keeping in mind that you don't actually have a product of your own, it's better not to have an aggressive looking page or your visitors will exit immediately. Also, choose the best affiliate partners in your field, and don't try to put so many links on your page. You need 3 or 4 quality partners at the most.

The rest is history. With a lot of involvement, professionalism, dedication and a little bit of luck, you can design a site which has the potential of being your cash machine. Once the whole mechanism starts to work, you don't have to do anything as it will run by itself. OK, maybe a few adjustments from time to time, but nothing too complicated. With the hope that this affiliate marketing tutorial has shed some light on the subject, grab a pen and design your sketch!

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