Tuesday, August 07, 2007

6 Ways to Optimize Your Opt in Page

Building a responsive, high-quality list of electronic mail endorsers is the cardinal to leveraging your selling clip and increasing your income. Here's 6 specific ways to demo you how:

1. Don't Hide Your Opt In Form

Don't do your website visitants hunt for the choose in word form to your list. To make it super-simple for your visitants to subscribe up, make what I urge to my clients - just a simple one-page website, that I name an Invite Site, where the lone thing you're doing on the land site is inviting your visitants to subscribe up for your list.

Then there's no confusion or inquiry about what it is they should do. Once they subscribe up, you can redirect them to another page where they can derive entree to more than information from you.

2. Offer a Free Taste

Encourage people to subscribe up for your listing by offering them something of value for free in exchange for their electronic mail address. Good picks are A mini-ecourse, a particular report, a checklist, or a short sound program. Add some enticing transcript describing the benefits your visitant will have from your gift to increase your sign-ups.

3. Keep it Simple

If you only inquire for your visitor's first name and electronic mail address, you'll acquire a higher response rate, meaning more than people will subscribe up for you list.

Obviously, if you're offering a physical Free Taste (like a CD), you'll necessitate to acquire your visitor's transportation computer computer address as well. Just seek to restrict the information you're asking for to increase the figure of people who mark up.

4. Add Your Privacy Policy

Make your visitant experiences comfy giving you their electronic mail computer address by adding a short privateness policy right there with your opt in form. Something as simple as "We will never share your electronic mail address, period" should suffice.

5. Include Testimonials

Even adding two or three testimonies of people who've signed up for your listing and received your Free Taste will increase your listing numbers. If you currently don't have got anyone on your list, direct a transcript of your Free Taste to a smattering of co-workers and inquire for testimonies in tax return (and offering to make the same for them).

6. Getting People to the Choose in Page for Your List

Once you optimize your opt in page, you necessitate to acquire people to it. There are literally 100s of ways that you can drive traffic to your web page where people mark up for your listing (we cover 32 of them in my ListBuilding Program), but here are three of the best:

1. Use your electronic mail signature in every electronic mail you direct out. Be certain you indicate people to your opt in page in your signature with some enticing transcript as to why they should chink on your link.

2. Write and submit articles, including the nexus to your opt in page in the author's resource box.

3. Bash a simple pay-per-click political campaign to drive targeted traffic to your opt-in page.

Follow these tips and you'll begin increasing your electronic mail listing endorsers today.

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