Friday, August 31, 2007

Sales Tip - How Not To Sell Rule 101 - Sell Before Establishing a Relationship

Sales tips abound. There are 100s of books, one thousands of websites devoted to improving gross gross gross gross gross sales and who cognizes of many seminars to sales preparation social classes being conducted every work twenty-four hours across America.

Yet, I am always amazed when those who either make sales preparation or have got been through sales preparation continually go against the first measure in most sales processes. Let me explain.

Today, I attended two concern networking events. At both of these events, a little concern proprietor tried to sell me his merchandises or services without establishing a relationship. Imagine shaking hands, exchanging name calling and then hearing a gross gross sales pitch!

In the morning time concern networking event, the little concern proprietor represented a national franchise that I cognize have a fairly comprehensive sales process. This gross gross sales preparation understands and focuses on human relationship edifice as the first step.

During the afternoon concern networking event, the little concern proprietor was a professional concern adviser who did leadership, client service and sales training. In both cases, the gross gross sales pitch happened within proceedings of talking to each other.

I happen such as behaviour quite interesting given that so many little concerns are failing at the charge per unit of one a minute in this country, With this sort of sales behavior, I am surprised the little concern failure charge per unit is not two a minute.

Have you ever violated this How Not to Sell Rule 101? Just thinking how many modern times you have got met person new and within a couple of minutes, you started to begin merchandising your merchandises and services before you truly had established a relationship?

I name this agony from the 3Ps gross sales virus. Salespeople including little concern proprietors rotter product, terms and proposal usually in that order.

Yes, the human race is a busy place, but that concern is not the ground to go against the gross sales process. Yes, human relationships necessitate clip to develop, to mature, to attain the degree of trust necessary for a sale to take place. However, when you are so busy puking product, terms and proposal, you will lose many of those gross gross sales opportunities.

To increase sales, do a committedness to listen more, talking less and truly develop a human relationship of common trust. And then watch your gross sales soar.

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