Saturday, March 24, 2007

Internet Marketing - A Foray Into Forums

There are various ways to bring traffic to your site. One that is not promoted very often is driving traffic through the use of forums. The reason might be because it is quite a tedious method to work with and it doesn't yield great results. However, there may be some out there who already use forums on a regular basis. so for that reason it is probably worth mentioning to others.

In order to pursue this marketing method go to the search engines and bring up forums preceded by the nature of your product. For example if you are involved in affiliate marketing you would enter that name plus forums. You will find slews of information on this subject.

Make a study of the various forums and select the ones that look most interesting. It will be necessary for you to join any you choose. You should familiarize yourself with several and answer any questions you are knowledgeable about. Try to become helpful and let others get to know you.

Don't hit them over the head with your product at first, but do put a link to your website in order to let them know about you. If people begin to perceive you as being helpful they will be more inclined to buy your product or recommend it to others.

Try to create posts with useful information that others can use. Don't use your posts as blatant advertising messages. This will get you in trouble and could lead to expulsion. Remember, paste a link to every post you create.

In order to generate traffic from forums, you'll have to spend some part of everyday posting in ones you have joined. Like any other form of traffic generation, forums require your attention. If you're going to do this, don't do it on a haphazard basis.

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