Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Three Simple Rules For Profiting From Internet Marketing Forums

A very rarely used method for profiting online is by using
internet marketing forums.

Internet marketing forums are a great way to drive traffic
to your product website and here's how to do it.

Internet Marketing Forums Rule #1 - Ask questions.

When joining a few internet marketing forums, one the best
ways to introduce yourself, is to ask questions of fellow

Make your questions relevant. Be polite. Look at other
posts and determine the forums posting rules.

Don't ask questions just for the sake of making a post.

Get involved with the members and make sure to post only
those questions that pertain to the subject matter.

Internet Marketing Forums Rule #2 - Answer questions.

Here's where the biggest impact will be made with internet
marketing forums.

By answering other forum members questions, you create a
good relationship.

Never post an answer unless you really know how to help
the person out.

Many times you'll find internet marketing forums being
abused by people who just post irrelevant comments for
the sake of advertising a product.

This is spam and will get you banned from the forums.

Internet Marketing Forums Rule #3 Use a signature file.

This is a powerful method of using internet marketing
forums to drive traffic to your website.

Your signature file is simply an ad for your website.

You always place this at the end of your post when using
internet marketing forums.

Never just use a signature file without giving actual
help and useful information.

Again, you will build trust by helping others and in
return, they will visit your website and hopefully
become paying customers.

Put these rules to good use when using internet marketing
forums for maximum results.



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