Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Average Joe Marketer Package Review - An Honest Opinion

The Average Joe Internet Marketer Package is a common topic of discussion on many internet marketing, and work from home forums. Some are praising the package as a work from home miracle, and others believe it to be a dubious scam. In the world of internet marketing the, "truth", so to speak is seldom (if ever) that cut and dry. Each individual will have a unique experience with the program, and the outcomes of that experience will lead to unique opinions. If an individual purchaser has a poor work ethic and fails to implement any of the program strategies, then yes it will seem a scam. However, if a purchaser puts some work into the package the results will be far different. The Average Joe Internet Marketer Package is a classic example of the old cliche "you get out of it what you put into it".


The Average Joe Internet Marketer Package is ideally geared towards the beginner internet marketer. The package covers such important topics as pay per click adversting (ppc), and search engine optimization. Click Bank and Commission Junction, the most respect companies in internet marketing are also discussed in detail. Through the discussion of these and other important internet marketing strategies, the course provides a step by step blue print to implementing a succesful campaign. Discovering and benefiting from a niche market, was in the opinion of the author the best part of the course. The course explains the importance of a niche market, and how to best capitalise on it. Various Ebay wholesale and power selling resources are also mentioned.

The Author's Reaction

The Average Joe Internet Marketer Package had many positive aspects, but also had a variety of flaws. The discussion of niche marketing was in my opinion the most beneficial. I would describe myself as an intermediate internet marketer, and this section even provided me with tips and strategies that I was unaware of. The most disappointing part of the course was the "eBay resources" section. The information provided could have been deduced from common sense and a quick search of any eBay forum. The price of $77 dollars may be out of reach for some potential purchasers. Some may dismiss the price as a small cost to reap potentially huge awards. However, $77 dollars is still a lot of money and may be a turn of to some. Another potential flaw is the fact that the course is geared towards the beginner. Most intermediate and experienced internet marketers would find the course to be rather disappointing. The information provided is definitely best suited toward the internet marketer just "getting their feet wet". All and all I would rate the course a solid buy, providing the purchaser takes the time, and invests the work to make something of it.

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