Friday, May 25, 2007

Stay At Home Mum's Fascinating Road To Internet Marketing

I would like to dedicate this article to all the hard working, tired, lonely "Stay at home parents" who are trying so hard to raise their children the "Old fashioned way", at home by their side, whilst also trying to find a genuine way to make some extra money from home to help out their family budget.

If you are anything like me you have, been there, done that, got caught with that one and are really just a little fed up with all the SUPER sellers and promoters online who I must say are "ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS" at SELLING and MARKETING their crummy, outdated, unhelpful products and businesses. But let's not forget these Internet Marketers are pretty much at the top of their game and are probably raking in thousands per month because their marketing/advertising/promotions were SOOO good that we bought their products!! So hats off to them and a big round of applause, they do suck you right in and if you are anything like me you have been stung by them on more then one occasion.

I thought it was time to GROW UP and WAKE UP, there really is no such thing as GET RICH QUICK, (we can sure dream about handing over $20 for a business that will make us thousands per month) but the reality is if there is, it's probably something quite illegal or you need big bucks to put into straight up, and if you are putting in big bucks you surely deserve to make even bigger bucks quite quickly!

I didn't have big bucks, I didn't even have hundreds of dollars to throw into a business, although after some very careful budgeting and scrimping on a few of our favorite grocery lines each week I did create a small stash of cash which I could use to get something started. I also did and still do however have a whole lot of enthusiasm and effort, without these two important ingredients your online mixing bowl is going to be pretty dry!

Being a stay at home mum I really wanted to find a genuine home based business that I could work from my own home, on my own computer, in my own time around my very active young toddler and make a bit of money. Sounds like a very big call I know but out there in the world there has to be other people doing exactly the same thing and making a whole lot of money from it.

I am not really a forward sort of person so I really wasn't into the whole cold calling strangers on the phone, the few times I did do this in another business venture I was physically sick from plain old fear, not the fear of being told off by the person on the phone, (although that was also playing in the back of my mind) but the inconvenient fear of my beautiful little toddler deciding there was no time like the present to put on a star studded performance of "Dr Jeykl and Mr Hyde" and throw a 5 star tantrum, if you have young children you will appreciate it when I politely say, there is NO convenient time to call someone unless your child is in daycare or is fast asleep in their bed at night, then I believe most people really don't want to be annoyed at that time anyway and it really makes you no better then a telemarketer and I'm not really that fond of their work, don't get me wrong I'm in no way knocking them as people, I am mature enough to know they are everyday people and I know they have bills to pay and it's a paying job for them but if I wanted to be called I'd give them my number wouldn't I!

As they say "when the student is ready the teacher will appear", well I was certainly ready, I had a small criteria for what I wanted, I needed someone to be there if I got stuck and needed help, don't get me wrong I'm not hopeless but there are times in everyones business where they need a little guidance, if this is not you "hats off to you, you're a legend!"
I didn't want to be left stranded with a business I had no idea about, so training was another important thing for me also, but again I didn't have hundreds of dollars spare to buy "recommended" ebooks that were the MUST HAVE way of learning my new found business. I didn't have the time, money or resources to fly all over the place attending seminars and having to be available at a particular time to listen to a phone conference just wasn't something I could commit to, not with a young unpredictable toddler.
I really wanted something flexible that I could put the effort into when the time was available to me. I was prepared to invest some dollars to start up and I was prepared to pay a bit per month for ongoing costs which lets face it are there in every single REAL business but I didn't want to spend hundreds per month, unless of course I was making thousands!!
So what I needed was an internet based business, which wouldn't cost me the earth to start up, was a genuine business opportunity and when I clicked on my computer the next day I still wanted the company to exist, I didn't want to have to call anyone ever. Training and support would need to be available, low ongoing costs, no tele-conferences or seminars, oh yeh and I didn't want to be stuck pushing dodgy products that nobody wanted!

It's amazing when you work out what you want and you CLICK a button and it is there for you!
There really are genuine companies, offers and programs out there waiting for you to jump on board. Just please use your head and do a bit of research before you jump into something and are again left struggling. Find something run by a real person, research that person, check out the testimonials, research the people giving testimonials, at the end of the day someone is not going to put their face to a scam unless they are really ruthless and stupid!

My results, yes I did find a business opportunity which amazingly enough met all of my above criteria and I did do a fair bit of research on the guy running it, turns out he is real, he does put he face to it and he is there to help when ever I need it, how fantastic and comforting is that! I also have a home business directory site featuring genuine researched home based money making opportunities

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