Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bully Alert - Get Rich Quick Scams and Why You Keep Buying Them

So what is it with our fascination with all these so called "get rich quick scams" and the so called "gurus" that sell them to us? Why are we so quick to purchase these products that promise the world and deliver a pile of horse manure? Now open your mind and listen or you will just ignore what could keep you from wasting your next $100 bill.

First, let me clear up a couple of things so that you can feel like you got educated a little while reading this article. There is no magic button, code, or formula that is going to make you an overnight millionaire. That only happens to a select few lucky lottery winners so get that out of your head right now.

Second, it takes hard work to begin an online venture whether it is a full fledge business or just promoting affiliate programs. The only way to get to a level where you do not have to work so much is to put in the work at the beginning. So get every notion of getting rich without doing some work out of your head.

Now onto the questions I promised to answer. So what is it with our crazy fascination with these get rich product? It is simple. We either hate our jobs, want a better life, or we want out of debt badly. These are all great reasons to be in search of an extra income that can be built into something full time.

Why are we so quick to purchase these products? We all believe that somewhere out there is a program, eBook, or other type of money making method that will just click with us and we will finally see the dollars feed into our bank account when we follow the instructions in the product. It is our hope that we will find this.

So basically whenever one of these so called "gurus" writes strong sales copy to persuade us that his or her product is that product we quickly drop another $100 bill that we later wish we could have back. We don't take a step back to research the product or read a review about it. We never even had someone else recommend it to us. At least then we know someone out there is using it and approves of it.

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