Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Content Makes Good Internet Marketing and SEO Traffic

Research has been applied to finding the best way to present internet website content and writing copy for Internet Marketing and SEO. Now, new eye-tracking research has confirmed what was projected to be the case.

Want to know what works? Keep it Concise (Have you heard that word in my rants before?). Your copy should not be dense, it should be more diagrammatic - making it a quick, informative read. (Yes Ethel, attention spans have degenerated in our offspring - TV and monitors - 60 cps for you wavemongers).

Readers must spend more time to read dense content, but it is proven that they will remember less. This is especially the case when your readers are in a hurry. When they read concise copy they will remember the meaning and main points much better. With these findings in mind I have written some guidelines for your internet copy writing. Read these.

Keep Your Copy Concise

500 - 600 Words Per Article Maximum - This Gives Better SEO and Long Tail of Search

Titles - Keep Your Titles Concise but Interesting and Containing Keywords

Keep Paragraphs Short and Concise

First Phrase of Each Paragraph Should Contain Your Point

Keep Your Vocabulary Simple

Impact, Not Fluff Is the Objective

Sans Serif Fonts are Faster to Read

Keep Your Content Scannable

Use Outline, Lists, Bullets and Bold Print

Pictures Are for Information, Not Decor

Spell Correctly

Grammar Must Be Kept Simple

The only time I break these rules (like this aside and the "Yes Ethel," phrase above is for a specific
reason - this time to keep it fun). If you follow these guidelines you should get the maximum effect from your content writing efforts.

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