Thursday, April 26, 2007

How To Redirect The Newsletter Opt-In Registration To Your Sales Page Part I

You can generally improve the conversion rate of visitors to your website if you know how to redirect the newsletter opt-in registration to your sales page, so that anybody signing up for your newsletter is also given the opportunity to purchase your product.

This is normally a dangerous thing to do, since it can prompt your visitor either to leave your site, or even to refuse to confirm the registration, so it is essential that you keep an eye on what the response tends to be. Testing is of extreme importance, and while this technique can work, it is important that you get the wording of your offer right. So what do you do to achieve this?

Somebody has just opted in for your newsletter, and all they have to do now before you have their email address added to your list is to confirm. Your autoresponder has sent them an email informing them that a confirmation email is in their inbox, and that they have to click on the link it contains to confirm their registration. Within that email, you might not only inform them that the email is in their inbox, but you may also make them a special offer.

This offer is made as a thank you for them providing you with their email address. They are already receiving the gifts you promised for filling in the opt-in form after they confirm their registration, but this is something in addition to that. It is a special unannounced offer, you say, as a special reward for accepting the first offer. This special offer is presented as something special at a special price just for them.

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