Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meta Tags in Search Engine Optimization

Meta tags are still a very important part of search engine optimization. Search Engine spiders see meta tags as instructions on how to categories your web site content, what pages to index and not index, and what your web site content is all about.

Your title tag is the most important tag. It tells the spiders the nature of your site. Don't waste time putting your company name in this tag. Use the tag to specify the main keywords in the page you are trying to position well with. For example, instead of Big Guys Inc describe your business in keyword phrases. Try New York Printing Services. Make sure to limit the title tag to 100 characters or less, so you don't get flagged for keyword stuffing.

Your description tag reflects the keywords in your title tag but you have more space to describe your business. Remember, the title and description tags both show up in the free listings so remember to make sense while still utilizing the keywords. If you get great listings but your listing doesn't make any sense then no one will want to click on the ad and visit your site. Limit this tag between 200 and 250 characters.

Finally your keywords tags still hold some importance and reflect what should be in your website content. Add the keyword phrases from your title and description tags into the keyword tag. Add other keywords that are of importance to this tag but you weren't able to add to the other tags because of limited space. Limit the keyword tag to 1024 characters.

Remember meta tags work great when optimized but you also need optimized content on all pages that you want great placement with.

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