Sunday, April 15, 2007

Affiliate Marketing - Writing Successful Ad Campaigns

Are you using pay-per-click ad campaigns to get potential customers to your website? If so, then you need to know how to write a successful ad campaign because bad ad campaigns will cost you money. In my own affiliate marketing endeavors, I've discovered a couple of techniques that have helped increase my click-thru rate and lower my cost per click resulting in more traffic and more sales. One of the main techniques is using keywords in your ads.

Using the keyword in your ad grabs the consumer's attention because it tells the consumer that they might find what they're looking for at your site. Your ad becomes relevant to what they are searching for. Additionally, all keywords in your ad are in bold in the major search engines, so your ad stands out more.

One of the best places to put the keyword in your ad is in the headline because it is the first line potential customers are going to read and having the keyword they are searching for will attract their attention first. You should also include the keyword somewhere in the ad copy.

In Google, there is an easy way to make sure the keyword is displayed in the headline and description every single time your ad is displayed. The code is quite simple and involves putting the following in your ad copy:

{KeyWord: }

In the code, the capitalized K means the first word is capitalized and capitalizing the W means that all the words are capitalized. You also want to make sure there is a space after the colon.
One issue with this technique is that there is a limit on the headline of 25 characters. You will need an alternative just in case your keyword or keyword phrase has more than 25 characters. You can ad the alternative headline like this:

{KeyWord: Alternative Headline}

Again, try to use some version of your keywords in the alternative heading.

Now, if your website is not relevant for your keywords, you will be penalized and have your cost per click raised because landing pages are also being looked at in determining the quality score. So your best bet in addition to using keywords in your headline and description is to make sure the keywords are appropriate for what you are selling.

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