Monday, April 16, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Affiliate marketing is probably the hugest subject on the internet today. Pretty much every search you make we steer you in the direction of one or more affiliate programs. Some are great and stood the test of time while others fall of the map before there even warm. So let's look at a few mistakes made by affiliate marketers today.

It's of vital importance to understand the sort of program you are getting into. So many of the programs brag about the hug commissions they pay but in all honesty that may be irrelevant I you don't have a clue what you're selling. Everyone has an expertise of some sort and that's the sort of program you should get into. You might not make all the money overnight but in the long run if you're selling something you know and enjoy then the money will eventually come in.

Lots of sites have the option for people to sign up for emails. If this is the case you have to make sure the emails are fun and not spammish. If the emails are too spammish then people will opt out and not accept emails from you any longer. You might have to go that extra mile to make this work but it's the people that are going the extra miles that are succeeding in this business.

This is hugely important. You want, if possible to write some of your own content. Its not unusual for people surfing for affiliate programs to come to the same site 4 or 5 times and the only thing different is the name in the top corner. You will get a lot more traffic that stays if you can put some originality into your site.

People are always going to make mistakes in the affiliate marketing game. It doesn't matter if you're new or old to this business. As long as you learn from your mistakes. As long as you are willing to put in an effort I can guarantee you will always make some nice cash doing this. There are many people across the world becoming wealthy from affiliate marketing so why not let this be you.

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