Monday, April 09, 2007

Internet Marketing The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

So you want to be successful at Internet Marketing … are you willing to hear the truth?

Truth number 1

You are not going to get rich quick with Internet Marketing. I know there are hundred of offers out there that tell you that you can make "$10,000 in 30 days" and they will even show you they have done it. Its not what they are telling you, its what they are not telling you that makes the difference.

Before you can ever make thousands of dollars with Internet Marketing you must build a solid foundation for your Internet Business and that means you have to treat it like a business.

Truth number 2...

Do not waste your money chasing those get rich quick schemes. I know they are tempting and I have even chased a few of them during my time learning about Internet Marketing. Save your money.

You need to create a system and have it in place to succeed on the Internet and that means you must work at the Internet just like any other business.

Far too many people knock on the Internet Marketing door expecting it to be a simple easy path and its not … Its work and it takes time to learn.

You Must be willing to spend the time to Learn. If you are not willing to invest in yourself and make the effort needed to learn, then you will not succeed and you might just as well go apply at McDonalds now.

Truth number 3...

The majority of people fail at Internet Marketing because they do not Finish what they start. They are so busy jumping from one Get Rich Quick Scheme to the next, the only thing they accomplish is the expenditure of time and money.

You need to choose a Market and then you need to learn who your market is. The more you focus on who is going to buy from you the more successful you will be.

Have a plan and create a system to fulfill that plan.

Once you have your plan and system into place. Do not be pulled off course by the Sirens of the Internet promising quick, no effort returns. Stay the course and be willing to work at your plan.

Do not jump from one place to another and one Get Rich Quick Idea to another.

Choose a Quality product or Service that fills a need for your visitors

Set up a Merchant Account or a PayPal account

Build a List.
This is known as your Opt-in List and this is where your sales power resides.
You want to build a very targeted list, people most apt to buy your products. Do not fall for schemes that promise to send your offer out to thousands of people. These programs usually are spam and could get you shut down and at the very least they are a huge waste of your money because they are not targeted traffic.

Truth number 4...

You can be successful with Internet Marketing and build your business bigger and more profitable than you can imagine. You must remember that it is not easy and it takes time.

You will need to invest in yourself and take the time to learn.

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