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Basic Search Engine Optimization Services

Stripping It Out: Website and Market Analysis

One of the most important phases in Search Engine Optimization is the website analysis. This is when the SEO consultant reviews all the code, looking for code spamming, non-conventional tags, and principal ways to minimize it as much as possible in order to maximize the site content within the HTML code.

It is recommended that you have your site evaluated by a professional SEO consultant who knows exactly what to look for from a technical perspective. For instance, search engine spiders don't index Flash, don't see embedded text in images, and most importantly, they do not handle frames and dynamic content very well. Dynamic content can be invisible to search engines unless treated properly. A knowledgeable SEO consultant will identify and correct these potential problems.

It All Starts Here: Keyword Search Analysis

A critical part of the Search Engine Optimization process is the identification of relevant keywords and phrases. Keyword Analysis is a highly specialized and time consuming process of selecting the best search terms to use on your site. These key words are selected based on site goals, the term's relevance to the website content, popularity among the search users, and the strength of your competitors. If a SEO company does not provide Keyword Analysis, or ask you to provide your keywords, stay away from them.

It is very important to use the right amount of keywords for your website; an average of two keywords per relevant pages is recommended. Once your SEO consultant has identified a meaningful list of terms, this list will be sent to you for approval. Experienced SEO consultants can then strategically place the terms on relevant pages of your website coding and content. Savvy SEO consultants also know what the spiders are looking for when indexing search engine databases and will revise the HTML coding and page layout as an added protection for your website.

Content: Still the King

Yes, that is right; meaningful content rules your rankings, but most important, it is what keeps visitors on your website. A skillful SEO consultant will review the content on your website and insert relevant keywords into your copy, following search engine guidelines and keeping the keyword density within limits (too many keywords on a page can be considered spamming). Google and other search engines recommend creating a page for every topic, using links to explain off-topic items. The ideal scenario is to optimize each page for one keyword with one main keyword that follows the search tail.

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