Thursday, June 21, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Introduction - Newbie Search Engine Optimisation

As you get your introduction to affiliate marketing you will come across the term search engine optimization a zillion times. In fact you probably thought affiliate marketing is all about search engine optimization. In a sense that is probably true. Search engine optimization is the process you go through to have your website rank highly with the search engines eg google.

If you rank higher, your site will be higher up in the search engine listings for your target keyword. This makes it more likely for you to get traffic. There are two components to search engine optimization. On page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization refers to tactics you implement on your webpage to make it looked on favorably by the search engines.

These factors include

  • Page layout. Have a consistent page lay out throughout your site
  • Design your pages so that google can easily search your site. Have good site navigation
  • Unique content. Google is looking for websites that have good, unique content
  • Update your content frequently
  • Keyword use and keyword density. Use your chosen keywords prominently and frequently
  • Off page optimization refers to things you do after you have built and published your website, to improve the ranking of your website. This mainly involves getting high quality, highly ranked websites to link to you using your desired key word or phrase. These links are called backlinks.

    A word of warning!! Be very careful about which site your backlinks are from. There are link farms out there which look ever so appealing but links from them could get you banned by google.

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