Thursday, May 03, 2007

Internet Marketing A Very Personal Journey

Today someone will take their first steps toward making a fortune.

Today someone will be content to make a living.

Today someone will debut a website with inadequate focus. This 'someone' may fail.

Today someone will make the hard decision to stop conducting online business.

Today someone will decide there is something they can do to save their business – and do it.

Where are you – today?

The role of Internet marketing encompasses so many different disciplines it can intimidate many online businesses. Some business owners feel fortunate to get their online business operational. The thought of learning various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, integrating various marketing applications and the many hours that might be needed to get the word out can leave the heartiest business owner with a feeling of defeat or inadequacy.

The first step in any online business is quality research. You need to understand whom you are targeting, what their spending habits are, what they like and how your product fits within those questions.

Once you define a product and customer demographic you begin the process of letting this audience know you exist and your business site has what they need, how they need it and when they need it.

In times of desperation it is tempting to simply develop something quickly in the hopes it will result in a quick return on investment. The problem with this approach is the distinct lack of focus. This doesn't mean the business if doomed to failure, but it will require a major regrouping effort that will seek to answer the questions of target, spending habits of target and the personal preferences of target. Once these questions are answered a solid marketing strategy needs to be put in place.

When it comes to Internet business, marketing cannot be an afterthought. Internet marketing is vital to online success. There are many creative ways to develop a marketing presence, but you will need to master reputable techniques that can constantly and consistently get your message out to a global audience.

This may mean Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, but it also means effective SEO strategies for long-term assistance. You should work at web branding your online business and develop effective ways to both link building and traffic generation. You will need to make sure your site is infused with knowledge-based content and is easy to navigate.

Today someone will take their first steps toward making a fortune. Is that someone you?

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