Friday, June 29, 2007

How To Explode Your Network Marketing Business With A Funded Proposal

Are you faced with the two challenges of not having enough money to advertise and not enough qualified prospects to share your business with? Are your family and friends sick and tired and bored to death by your constant nagging about your opportunity? You're not alone in that mess. Here comes the funded proposal system to your rescue. Take advantage of it.

A funded proposal is a system of doing business where you generate money to fund your advertising on the front end and introduce the prospects to your opportunity on the back end.

It works like this. You find a system that is set up to sell a very valuable ebook at a small cost and you plug into it. The system should provide you with a lead capture page. This page will capture the prospect's contact information for you. When the prospect buys the valuable eBook, they get great information and you get some money to help you advertise.

The beauty of the funded proposal is that you are earning while generating qualified leads for your primary business. The lead is qualified because this is someone who is investing time and money to learn how to build a business online.

A great funded proposal system will have a system to store the leads you generate and also send out auto responder emails to them. This is important because most people take a while before they buy. By having an auto responder email go out to them with more valuable information, they see you as an expert and eventually buy.

The auto responder emails need to be personalized with your name. This looks like the emails are coming directly from you to them. But they're really coming from the excellent funded proposal system you plugged into.

You will have some leads or prospects who will call you to find out about your network marketing opportunity. But most of them won't. So, you pick up the phone and call the ones who buy the eBook. Only the buyers. This is because you're only interested in qualified prospects who've shown interest by investing in themselves. You can choose not to call and just continue by email. But calling will greatly increase your sign up rate.

The prospects just don't stumble upon your funded proposal lead capture page. You have to actively promote the page by advertising it. Ideally, the funded proposal system you plugged into will provide you with high quality resources to advertise your lead capture page. If you're just learning to build your network marketing business online, you need a system that will empower you with the necessary tools to achieve major success.

The system should direct you to ezines, article writing, banner ads, pay per clicks, copy writing, and a whole lot of resources and marketing tools to make things easier for you.

A funded proposal system is the ultimate method to build a huge team fast. Your team will plug into the same system experience incredible results. The key is to find and plug into a powerful funded proposal system that will allow you and your team to both make money and build a very successful network marketing business.

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