Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Internet Traffic And Sales - Visitors Driven By Sub-Concious Psychological Tactics To Become Buyers

What is the No.1 factor that drives sales, especially on the Internet? Answer - EMOTION Which emotion has the most effect on potential customers to your website? Answer - FEAR

FEAR of the product being 'sold out'

FEAR of the price going up

FEAR of their competitors having an advantage

One Time Offers or OTOs are a great example of emotive fear marketing. How many times have you seen 'Click away from this page and you will never see this offer again', or something very similar.

If you could find a way of applying emotive fear marketing combined with sub-concious psychological buying pressure, then I think that could be described as the 'Holy Grail' of cash creating systems.

Imagine having visitors to your site converted to buying mode even before they know about your products. Phew, I'll buy a piece of that action any day!

Find a way to remove the price barrier and then use fear-of-loss by sending your visitors packing if they don't act fast enough.

This can be when you run out of quantity, if they spend too long on the page, at a pre-set date and time or even if they arrive at a page too soon, like before your launch starts. All of these options should have various live count-downs to really drive the point home. This means that the numbers will change as the user is watching the page instead of having to refresh.

That would drive a powerful buying message into your prospect's sub-concious as they see the numbers reduce live on their monitor. If someone sees the golden opportunity you are offering rapidly slipping through their fingers, they are more likely to buy now, rather than lose out forever.

Just after your visitors realize that they lost out, you should present them with a "second chance offer". Very few marketers do this, which means that they are losing a lot of sales.

Use that 'underground' tactic and your visitors, just crushed from missing your fabulous offer, should jump to take you up on your generosity!

What you want from any website that you own is to increase your conversions and improve your sales funnel so that you can make much more money from the same number of visitors, faster than ever before.

It costs a lot to get a potential customer to come to your site. You need to use overwhelming psychological persuasion techniques to influence more of your visitors to buy your products on their first visit, before they are gone for good.

Guess What! I've found the sub-concious doorway to my vistors buying button. Want a piece of the action? Before it is all gone?

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